* denotes smaller portion


Soup Of The Day
Chef’s homemade soup served with a warm roll and butter 4.50

Garlic Bread
Crusty baguette with homemade garlic butter 3.50

Deep Fried Breaded Mushrooms
with homemade garlic mayonnaise dip and salad garnish 4.80

Farmhouse Pate
A rich smooth pate served with warm toast and salad garnish 4.80

Prawn Cocktail
with fresh brown bread and butter 6.50

Breaded Butterfly King Prawns
with a sweet chilli dip and salad garnish 6.50

Seasoned whitebait, lightly breaded and then deep fried. Buttered brown bread & tartare sauce 6.50 LARGE 8.00

Crispy Coated Cheese Selection
A medley of Camembert, Brie and Mozzarella served with cranberry jelly and salad garnish 7.00

From The Net

Swordfish Steak
A meaty steak seasoned with crushed black peppercorns and pan-fried with butter 16.00

Poached Fillet of Lemon Sole
Topped with a light hollandaise sauce 15.00

Cod in a crispy batter 10.00

Breaded Wholetail Scampi
Served with fresh lemon twist and tartare sauce 10.50 * 8.00


Locally sourced chicken breast, butterflied and topped with
a sauce of your choice from the following selection 11.00 * 8.00

Hot and fruity sauce with Caribbean spices

A rich and smokey barbecue sauce

Melted mature cheddar and pineapple

Duck in Port
A pan-fried duck breast in a classic Port and blackcurrant sauce 18.00

All served with chips, mash, jacket potato or rice & either peas, salad or vegetables.

Homemade Dishes

Made to our own recipes

Individual potted pies with a puff pastry lid. Choose from:
Chicken & Leek or Steak & Kidney 11.00
or Steak & Guinness 12.00
With your choice of potato & peas or vegetables or salad

Chilli Con Carne
Served with rice or chips
This is HOT. This is not for the fainthearted. 10.00

Fruity Beef Curry
Served with rice or chips and poppadoms. 11.00 * 8.00

Homemade Vegetarian

Spicy Pasta Shells
Pasta shells in a rich spicy tomato sauce with a medley of mushrooms, onions and peppers.
Served with a warm crusty roll and butter. 10.00

Vegetable Hot-Pot
A selection of fresh vegetables in a leek and celery sauce topped with fluffy mashed potato and mature cheddar cheese. Served with a warm crusty roll and butter. 12.00 * 8.00

Vegetable Tagliatelle
A selection of vegetables cooked in a delicate cheese and garlic sauce on a bed of tagliatelle ribbons. 11.00


From The Grille Succulent cuts from the West Country

Gammon Steak With pineapple or free range egg 11.00 * 8.00
Pork Loin Steak 12.00
Rump Steak 13.00

Steaks served with Chips or mash and salad or peas, mushrooms and onion rings

Why not treat yourself to one of our delicious homemade Steak Sauces 2-00 extra

A warm Brandy & Apple or Cheese & Apple sauce
A classic Diane with finely sliced mushrooms & shallots, double cream, mustard & brandy
Hot Pepper sauce with cream, whisky & cracked black peppercorns
Local Stilton gently melted
Smokey Texan barbecue sauce

Lamb Shank
Slow cooked lamb shank in a rosemary and mint gravy served with mash and vegetables 14.00

PLOUGHMANS Salad Pickled onions Pickle and a crusty roll

Cheddar Ham or Stilton 8.50
Crown Special – all the above or Prawns in a Marie-rose sauce 10.00

OMELETTES Chips and either Peas Salad or Baked beans

Cheddar Stilton Mushrooms or Ham 8.00
Mixed Omelette 9.50

JACKET POTATOES Served with salad

Cheese Ham or Baked Beans 8.00
Mixed , Tuna & Mayo or Prawns in a Marie-rose sauce 10.00


2 Jumbo Sausages Fried Egg & Chips 8.00
Fried Egg Fried Bread Jumbo Sausage
Bacon Mushrooms Baked Beans 8.00
ADD 2 Hash Browns or 3 Black Pudding for 1.20 extra


White or brown – Served with a salad garnish
Cheese Ham Mushroom Sausage or Bacon
1 filling 5.00 2 fillings 6.50
Tuna & Mayo Beef Pork or Prawns in a Marie-rose sauce 7.50

BURGERS Served in a floured bap

Beefburger 4.50
Cheeseburger 5.00
Stiltonburger 5.00
Cheese mushroom
& bacon burger 7.00
Double your burger
For an extra 2.00


Chips 2.50
Chips & Cheese 3.00
Roll & Butter 1.50
Peas or baked beans 1.50
Mushrooms 1.50
8 Onion Rings 2.00
Side Salad 2.50
Vegetables 2.80


A choice of succulent West Country cuts, piping hot roast potatoes, fresh seasonal vegetables, homemade Yorkshire pudding or crunchy crackling.



A selection of some delicious homemade desserts available.
See blackboard 5.00
Cheese & Biscuits 5.50
Pot of tea or cafetiere of coffee 2.50
Liqueur coffee 4.50